Looking for Luxurious Sheets?

If you are looking for luxurious microfiber sheets, or linens, you have come to the right place.

The Traveling Sole uses Comphy Co. sheets during each massage session. We have hand picked these luxurious sheets for several reasons:

  • Not only are they ridiculously comfortable, the indescribably soft feel of the high-performance, superior microfiber is comparable to 600 thread count sheets. You have to feel it to believe it!
  • They promote sleep– The high-performance, breathable micro fiber wicks moisture away from the body, resulting in a scientifically proven better night’s sleep.
  • They are treated for stain release efficiency – These sheets are lighter than a standard cotton sheet, so they dry faster, saving energy
  • Are super durable- these products are guaranteed for 300 washes, and the more they are washed, the softer they become!
  • Hypo-allergenic– These linens have an extra fine weave which helps protect against dust mite allergens
    Also they are machine washable, wrinkle-resistant, and sustainable.

Another reason we love these sheets and this company, Comphy Co., they are Eco-friendly, using less energy than any alternative. The products are lighter than cotton, therefore they dry faster. These linens are 100% recyclable! Lasting 2-3 times longer than standard cotton sheets, meaning you wont have to replace your sheets as often, which significantly adds to sustainability. These linens are wrinkle free, so less pressing etc.

Read below to see what the company is saying:

microfiber sheets

Customer and Planet-Friendly.
Whether it’s making sure our customers have everything they need, or making sure our products are good for the planet, we work hard to keep raising the bar for excellence. We think of it this way: our customers are our family, and our planet is our responsibility. This philosophy yields results. Read Further

So soft, yet so strong.
It’s hard to imagine that anything as soft as Comphy spa sheets could be strong enough to last 300 washes, but that’s what comes from the world’s leading innovator of spa linens. In fact, once you’ve done your research on the best spa bedding, you’ll see that we’ve done ours, too. Read Further

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