What is Block Therapy?

block therapy
In Block Therapy we use a therapeutic tool called the Block Buddy, or Block Baby. (They are made from bamboo because it has a similar density to bone, and our goal is to melt adhesions deep to the bone).

Block Therapy is a Therapy, Exercise and Meditation all in one.

This powerful self-care, self-healing practice helps to unlock restrictions and adhesions in your body that block blood and oxygen flow. These blockages can lead to pain, limited range of motion, aging, and disease and are due to our unconscious breathing and improper posture. This causes the fascia, your connective tissue that touches every cell, to grip and adhere to bone to hold you upright, also sealing us in a negative alignment.

Combining proper diaphragmatic breathing with your body weight and gravity to gently melt through these restrictions, promoting proper oxygen flow to effectively clean and feed your cells.

According to the Block Therapy website the main components of Block therapy include:

Create Space – melting through restrictions allowing you to create space in your body. This new space helps to correct posture & feed cells with optimal blood & oxygen flow.

Inflate Space – Learning to properly breathe using your diaphragm muscle. The proper breathing acts like an internal heater to help melt adhesions in your tissue. It also increases oxygenation in your tissue up to 6x.

Maintain Space – In order to maintain proper cellular alignment, we must understand how to use & strengthen our body correctly. In turn, this teaches you how to maintain proper posture throughout your daily activities.

Cause Sites vs. Pain Sites – The fascia system connects the body from head to toe. Typically, where we experience chronic pain is at a distance from what is causing the pain.
For example, I have learned with time that the lower legs and feet are a major cause site for issues up the body, including headaches and shoulder pain – even issues with our size and shape. The Block Therapy system addresses the entire body to ensure both cause and pain sites are addressed.

Acute Pain
Acute pain from injury has traditionally been dealt with the RICE method – Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. This is designed to slow and limit inflammation. If inflammation becomes stagnant, it can cause more issues, however, if it is used for the purpose it is designed for, it becomes a tool to effectively rebuild the damaged tissue.
For example, if you are baking a cake, you put the raw ingredients together to make batter. If you put the batter into the freezer, you have frozen batter. If you put the batter into the oven, you bake the cake.
The nutrients required to rebuild the tissue are sent in the inflammation. Our goal is to assist the inflammation through proper practice so it can do its job. This is what the Block therapy system does.

How does it work?

You lie over the Block Buddy in various positions of the body for a minimum of three minutes each. As you lay over the Block Buddy you use your breathe as your guide as you seek out restricted sites. The combination of your body weight, gravity, & diaphragmatic breathing creates a heating effect that melts through adhesions in fascia which improves blood & oxygen flow to cells in that area.

It becomes a mindful, meditative, experience for you to relax & release your body.

Another element is the connection to the parasympathetic nervous system. Pressure over time with the breath brings a deep level of relaxation to the body. It is like giving the cells a hug. The act of lying on the Block Buddy, while activating the diaphragm conserves energy as it slows the heart rate, decreases blood pressure and provides an overall relaxation to the mind and body.

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“I enjoy using that Block at home on my own time, maintaining what the massage therapy has done for me. I no longer have any back pain. I just find it amazing that with the Block you can find pain where you didn’t even realize you had it and break down that fascia. I found it really great and I highly recommend it to anybody.”

~ Joan J.

“I started taking Block Therapy because I had a lot of pain in my left leg, down my IT Band and some back issues, and my upper chest area. I found relief within 3 sessions actually and I’ve been blocking ever since. iIt’s been working and it’s actually improved my Golf game – so that is a positive too.”

~ Giselle S.