Word of the Day: Thixotropic

You may be familiar with taking a piece of clay, manipulating it in your hands to heat it up, making it more malleable.  The same goes for our bodies!


The term “thixotropic” describes this property. A thixotropic substance’s chemical nature is such that any increase in activity causes it to become more fluid. Some clays in the ground, synovial fluid in the joints, and even cornstarch and toothpaste are thixotropic compounds. They become more fluid when stirred, shaken, squeezed, or manipulated in any way.

Our fascia, the connective tissue inside our bodies, is thixotropic. A thixotropic substance, like paint or clay, will become more fluid when it is moved about or heated-when movement within it is increased.

Fascia has a unique feature that makes hands-on therapies, in my case, feet-on as well as Block therapy very effective. 

As soon as we press into the body, it begins to become more fluid. The therapist’s hands, feet or the Block Buddy (the Block therapy tool) stimulate this activity, resulting in increased fluidity within the tissue, especially in congested places where circulation is inhibited.

This is one reason why incorporating movement into your daily life is important. 

Because fascia is a connective tissue, it surrounds everything in your body including muscles, nerves, tendons, organs, etc. I like to think of it as being sort of like glue. When it’s in its healthiest state, it’s like glue straight out of the bottle, it moves around freely and allows your muscles to do the same.

Due to various stresses, daily life and having a sedentary lifestyle, the fascia can often become stagnant and become sticky and gluey, like glue that has been left to dry. It hardens and makes it more difficult for you to move your muscles freely.

So get up and move, your fascia will thank you.  If you are in chronic pain, you may seek a professional for Massage or try Block Therapy in the comfort of your own home to help release the “glue” we are holding in our bodies.

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