Block Therapy

What is Block Therapy?

Block Therapy is designed to melt through restrictions in fascia, caused from aging, injury, surgery and just every day life. The student lies over a therapeutic tool called the Block Buddy. The combination of body weight, gravity and diaphragmatic breathing creates a heating effect that melts through restrictions, improving blood and oxygen flow to cells.

What is Fascia?

Fascia is the tissue connecting every single one of our 100 trillion cells. It is pretty much in control of everything….

The Three Components of Block Therapy

Create Space – Creating space in the body and melting through restrictions in the tissue is important for correcting posture and improving blood and oxygen flow to the cells, keeping them fed and clean.

Inflate Space – Instruction of proper diaphragmatic breathing turns on the internal furnace optimizing the melting of adhesions in the tissue. In fact, diaphragmatic breathing increases oxygenation in tissue up to 6x.

Maintain Space – Understanding how to use your body properly and strengthen correct foundation is crucial to maintaining proper cellular alignment. Block Therapy addresses this to give you a full body program and teaches you how to bring proper posture into daily activity.

Block Therapy
Introduction to Block Therapy

The Starter Package

The introduction program to Block Therapy. This includes:
-introductory and explanatory videos,
-9 day full body fascia program,
-introductory positions and descriptions, and
-access to a 14 day membership trial.

The SAMPLER Package

This is a good place to start for those who want to sample the benefits without jumping right in. There are 9 videos for $9. The videos range between 8-20 minutes in length, and we combine blocking techniques using a rolled-up towel, as well as strengthening exercises to share the benefits of isometric training and foundation building.

Block Therapy Yoga Mat

Specifically designed mat for Block Therapy. The Block Therapy Mat is thicker and wider than an average yoga mat to help with cushioning when extremities, hips or other parts of the body are not in contact with the Block.

Thickness – 10mm
Width – 66cm
Length – 180cm

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