FAQ’s and Policies



If it is your first appointment, there will be a little bit of paperwork for you to complete. Our scheduling system will send that to you in an email prior to your appointment, so to save time, please try and complete the form before you arrive at The Traveling Sole. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for your first appointment, and no more than 5 minutes early on following visits, to allow stress-free check-in, and time to work on your health intake form.

Your appointment is reserved for you, and only you. Arriving late will possibly interfere with your treatment time. If we can accommodate a few minutes here and there, we will do the best we can to give you the full length of your scheduled massage. However, so that the next guest will not be delayed, and so that your massage therapist can have time between sessions to eat, rest, and recenter, we cannot cut into someone else’s time by extending yours.

What to expect

Your first visit you will need to complete a health intake form. Fill this form out when creating your account. Recurring visits entail a brief check in. After a thorough health intake with your massage therapist, we will be able to best suit the needs of your session for the day. Knowing a history of your aches, pains, diagnosed conditions, past surgeries, trauma, medications, etc. gives us a safe point of reference to start from.

You must be at least 18 years of age, due to the nature of barefoot massage, it is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18. This gravity assisted deep tissue massage can be too aggressive for smaller framed humans who are still growing.
Click here to see when it is not recommended.
Due to the fact that your massage therapist, at times is 2-4 feet off the ground working hard to balance and focus, we choose not to allow a second person in the massage room, as it can be a distraction and a safety concern to all parties involved in the massage.

I’ll leave the massage room to give you time to undress and settle onto the massage table under the sheet. In receiving a barefoot massage, it is suggested that you undress completely. Underwear prevent you from receiving a complete massage. I need to work directly with the tissue in your booty, legs and your feet, so please, remove your undies and socks as well as all the usual clothing, and PROMISE that we will keep you covered where it counts with a sheet. The Traveling Sole offers professional massage and will never work without draping, even if you want us to, exposed nudity will NOT tolerated.

While you undress, I will be washing my hands and feet then give a knock before entering the room. The session as soon as we return to the room.

You are in control of your massage, and need you to give instant feedback on the pressure level – we are looking for no deeper than the “hurts so good level”, and your comfort is always most important to us. Let me know if it needs to be lighter, deeper, etc, and I’ll adjust right away! Your feedback does NOT hurt my feelings, it’s encouraged to give you the best massage possible that day.

During your massage I usually remain quiet (unless inquiring about pressure, etc.) I am concentrating on giving you the best massage and sometimes chatting is distracting. This is your time to relax, so don’t feel you need to chat.

Your job during the massage is to focus on your breathing, be heavy, and physically melt into the table. If I try to move your limbs, don’t help. It’s actually better if you are dead weight. So think ~heavy~, be a bag of bones on our table, and I’ll position, stretch or place your limbs exactly where is best for the moment, or if I need you to help, I’ll definitely let you know!

Sessions will incorporate as much “massage time” as possible, however, your session may require 5 minutes of pre-session interviewing, post-session follow-up and/or self-care suggestions to better enhance your massage experience. We’ll take the massage right up to the last minute possible, and will let you know when the session is over, so don’t worry about the time.

You can choose to end the massage at any time during the session if it’s not your thing – but we bet you’ll be more likely to want to lengthen the session!

Online Scheduling

Online scheduling is available with Full Slate.

Schedule Appointment

Choose service, click book now, then choose the day and time you would like to reserve. Create an account, and fill out the intake form and read and sign the consent form. A credit card is required to reserve your spot, it will not be charged for booking.


Cancellation Policy

A credit card is required to reserve an appointment. The Traveling Sole does not charge this card except for when our Cancellation Policy needs to be applied.  At least 6 hours or more is required for appointment changes and/or cancellations.  For changed or cancelled appointments within 6 hours of your scheduled time, you may be charged 50% of the regular price.

No Shows SUCK!
When you don’t show up, you leave me hanging and it takes up a space that someone else would’ve gladly filled. Your time is important and so is mine so I have a strict no show policy.
For missed appointments without notice, the full price of the session may be charged to your card. 


All sales (gift certificates, series packages, prepaid massage, classes, and/or any services offered)
are final and non-refundable.
However, they are transferable and may be gifted to another person for any reason.


The Traveling Sole has a strict policy regarding the mutual professionalism and respect maintained during any session and hold a high level of ethical and professional standards in line with the American Massage Therapy Association.

Although it rarely happens, this next part needs to be said: any inappropriate requests, behaviors or actions during the massage will result in a termination of the session, and your account will be charged the full amount of the session.

The Traveling Sole reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, be it for reasons of personal safety, issues of health or hygiene, or for requests that are outside of a Massage Therapists scope of practice.

Also you as the client is just as important, it is your responsibility to voice any concerns if pressure, pain, temperature sensitivities or any other comfort issues arise during your session.


Massage therapy is healing and beneficial to your health in many ways, but it is not a substitute for diagnosis and treatment by a doctor for any disease or illness either physical or mental.

Massage is not a substitute for any medical examination, diagnosis or treatment. Massage therapists are not qualified to perform adjustments or treat any physical or mental illness and nothing said in the course of a massage session should be considered as such.

Massage should not be performed under certain medical conditions. You affirm that you have stated all known medical conditions honestly before receiving your massage session and you agree to keep the therapist informed of any changes to your medical profile. There will be no liability on the practitioners part if you fail to do so.