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Barefoot Massage Services

**Last day for massage in Truth or Consequences: Nov. 18th**

Tyana uses deep, relaxing and therapeutic massage techniques, customized to your needs.

“First professional massage I’ve ever gotten and it was AMAZING! She was so sweet and knew just what she was doing. She took the time to ask questions and gave me a personalized experience with her very talented feet!”

“After years of pain and dis-function of my shoulders and lower back Tyana has helped me so much that its hard to describe here. I couldn’t raise my left arm above level without excruciating pain. After about 4 sessions the pain was 90% gone and range of motion returned. I can actually raise my arm above my head again without pain. My hips and lower back are now loosened up enough to stand up straight again. This is the best medicine of any kind that I have ever had. Tyana is a wonderful person and is one of the rare people who are the best at what they do. What a blessing to have found her. Do yourself a favor and try this!”

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Services available at MassageFix, Bowling Green, Kentucky.